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Digital Camera Lens Cleaning

The first rule is to clean the lens only when necessary! A little dust on the lens won’t affect the image, so don’t be compulsive. When needed, use a soft brush, such as a sable artist’s brush, and a blower (an ear syringe makes a good one) to remove dust. Fingerprints can be very harmful to the lens coating and should be removed as soon as possible. Keep the lens covered when not in use to reduce the amount of cleaning required.

Clean a lens by first by using a brush or blower to remove abrasive dust particles. Then use a lens cleaning cloth (or roll up a piece of photographic lens cleaning tissue and tear the end off to leave a brush like surface). Put a small drop of lens cleaning flluid on the end of the tissue. (Your condensed breath on the lens also works well.) Never put cleaning fluid directly on the lens, it might run between the lens elements. Using a circular motion, clean the lens surface with the tissue, then use the cloth of a tissue rolled and torn the same way to dry. Never reuse tissues and don’t press hard when cleaning because the front element of the lens is covered with a realtively delicate lens coating.

Spend Your Money – Digital Camera Points We Don’t Talk About

The fast picture results you can get from a digital camera has renovated the whole picture or photo industry. Even with its handicap of needing a battery for a digital camera to operate, this only has a small size compared to a traditional film operated camera. With its developed digital data or picture storage system, it can be easy to plug in your pictures on your computer and if you have the right components needed you can even plug it on your TV.

With the focus of light through the lens of the camera onto its fit receptor is still implemented to both film and digital camera. The distinction between a digital camera and a conventional film camera is that a film camera points its light or picture on a film while a digital camera points its light onto an electronic recorder inside it. There are two known ways of doing this technologically driven process, one way is through a device called a Charge Couple Device which is usually present on expensive digital cameras. Cameras that are less expensive just use a CMS type of a device which also captures images for a digital camera.

Most of us go jumpy when it comes to using the zoom feature of digital cameras but of most of us do not know is that these zoomed images are just digitally magnified so the quality of images are reduced when they are zoomed. However, there are digital cameras that offer high performance optical zoom which zooms to an image optically instead of doing it digitally. Digital cameras with optical zoom feature are more expensive but they are worth the price. If you want high quality digital camera images go for an expensive model and you will never be sorry for it.

Cybershot [sony Camera Brands] ? Enjoy Picture Perfect Images

Cybershot is a modern brand of Sony that offers digital still camera experience to all. Sony being the world?s second largest producer of digital cameras now uses the popular brand of Cyber-shot to market its product. It gives a photo quality unparallel to any photos offered by other cameras. The fame and name of Cybershot depends on usage of new technology discovered by Sony, to improve picture quality.

Types included in Cybershot brands

It is specially helpful for people who are interested to take digital photographs instead of white and black photos. This brand offers a new digital Sony camera that has the world?s smallest 7-mega pixel digital camera. This is one of the best digital cameras that promise unique picture, clear images and high-resolution sharpness.

Cybershot [Sony camera brands] can be classified into several groups:

– Camcorders ? mostly used by the amateurs. It includes a combination of camera and VCR to create a multiple production unit. Ranging from microphone to recording sound, they feature a small LCD that offers you to watch video during filming and playback.

– Professional video cameras ? these are mostly used in movie production and television. They have multiple image sensors that are used to increase resolution and color gamut.

– Web cams ? they are digital cameras that are attached to the computers and are used for video conferencing and other purposes. They capture full-motion video and also include microphones or zoom abilities.

Benefits of Cybershot [Sony camera brand]

When you want a Cybershot [Sony camera brand], you can visit eBay to make online purchases. The further you search for a brand, the more range of products you will get that will help you to purchase the best brand.

Following are the advantageous features of Cybershot [Sony camera brand]:

– 1/1.8? 7.2 Mega pixel Super HAD [Hole Accumulation Diode] CCD – they provide excellent image quality by allowing light to filter through each pixel, thereby increasing sensitivity and reducing noise effectively.

– 3X Optical/2X Digital/6X Total Zoom ? it helps you to fill the frame with subjects for better pictures. They even help to bring the subject closer with an extra 2X magnification.

– Selectable Focus mode ? monitoring AF [Auto Focus] offers you to anticipate the action by focusing even before pressing the shutter release.

– Pre-Flash Metering ? with a momentary pre-flash, the camera illuminates the subject and sets exposure through the lens for accurate flash metering.

– Scene Selective Mode ? with 9 scene modes available, the parameters can touch the shooting conditions like soft snap, twilight portrait, snow, candle, beach, high speed shutter, landscape and Fireworks.

– Memory stick Media – digital, powerful, compact and rugged with a variety of hardware and software applications

– Multi-burst mode ? captures 16 320X240 frames as part of a single 1280X960 image that plays back sequentially in the camera.

– Rechargeable Info Lithium Battery ? provides a reliable and permanent power for continuous shooting ability. The charger provides stable power for USB transfer.

Use Cybershot and enjoy taking digital picture perfect images.

Buy Latest Ipod Online And Save Money

Looking for best ipod available in market? Here are some of them you are searching for. Have a look below:

(1). Apple iPod Classic – 160GB ? Silver

? It also has plenty of energy (up to 40 hours of audio playback2), good looks (a sleek, all-metal design), and a great personality (a brand-new interface with Cover Flow).
? In other words, iPod classic makes an ideal companion. Why not get to know it better?
? Testing conducted by Apple in August 2007 using preproduction hardware and software.
? Battery life and number of charge cycles vary by use and settings. See for more information.
? Cover Flow If a picture says a thousand words think of what all the album art in your collection might say.
? With Cover Flow on iPod classic, you can flip through your music to find the album you want to hear.
? Use the Click Wheel to browse music by album cover and then select an album to flip it over and see the track list.
? Music Use the Click Wheel to adjust volume, navigate songs, browse in Cover Flow, or explore the Music menu by playlist, artist, album, song, genre, composer, and more.
? The gorgeous 2.5-inch display makes your movies pop. And iPod classic keeps you entertained for up to 7 hours.
? Long flight or darkened room? Adjust the brightness for even more video playback time.
? Extras Calendars, contacts, and a clock appear in the Extras menu, along with a few more handy items.
? Take the screen lock, for example.
? Spin the Click Wheel to choose a four-digit combination and protect your iPod classic from prying eyes.
? If you forget your combination, just reset when you sync. Or use the built-in stopwatch to log your best times.
(2). Zen V Plus MP3 Player

? 1.5″ Display Screen
? Voice recording and line-in encoding for direct connection and recording from any audio source.
? Directly record your music from a CD player – no computers needed!
? Transfer audio and data files in seconds with the Drag-and-Drop feature and USB 2.0 support.
? In addition, Auto Synchronization makes it easy to transfer your favorite songs and albums from CDs through the line-in connector.
? Experience uninterrupted listening pleasure with an 18-hour battery life1. Hold it in the palm of your hand or slip it into your pocket. Start feeling your music, not your player!
? Directly record music from any audio source with line-in
? Store data files such as photos and presentations
? Up to 18 hrs of battery life
? Signal-To-Noise Ratio: up to 90dB Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz

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Few Islamic And Other Books Concerning The Middle East of Importance

I am a British expat living in Doha since 2008 and recently went looking for a few books on Islamic culture and a history of the Middle East countries. I came across a few interesting titles that stood out…

1) The book Learning about Islam for Kids covers topics such as…

In the Beginning

Allah’s Best Friend

Belief in the Prophets

How the Quran Came to Us

The Handwriting of the Quran

The Prayer to Allah, the Merciful

Let’s Make a Visit to the Mosque

The Holy Kabah

What is a Muslim Prayer Like?

I bought it from as an introduction for my daughter of 10 years age. The website allowed me to place an order easily enough and they delivered to me in 3 days.

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2) Ibn Battuta – Makers of Islamic Civilization

Ibn Battuta was famous in his own lifetime during the 14th Century as the greatest traveller of the age. He traversed the whole Islamic world (from his native Tangier to China), and crossed over its boundaries in Europe and sub-Saharan Africa. He was variously attacked by pirates, shipwrecked, marooned and kidnapped. His observations on political power, and on legal, commercial and cultural practices in the numerous places that he visited. Give his Travels an enduring fascination. This narrative of high adventure rivals, or even surpasses the explorations of Battuta’s near contemporary, Marco Polo. Told with humour, irony and pathos, his travelogue is filled with marvels which blend idealism with reality. L P Harvey reviews Ibn Battuta’s journeys and discusses the major themes of the Travels. He examines the financing of Ibn Battuta’s adventures; how geography and natural history are presented by him; how the Travels engage with issues of race and gender; and the religious milieu through which Ibn Battuta moved.

This is actually a very intriguing Religious book and an entertaining account of the travels of Ibn Battuta. The depth of the subject was impressive, covering both geography and historical accounts.

About the Author

L P Harvey was formerly Cervantes Professor of Spanish at King’s College London and is now a Fellow of the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies. He is the author of the widely-acclaimed Islamic Spain: 1250 to 1500 and Muslims in Spain: 1500 to 1614.

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3) Art of Islam (Illustrated)

Explains the inspiration and methodology behind the creation of masterpieces such as the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, the Taj Mahal in Agra or the Alhambra in Granada, motives of the Muslim ceramics. Lively and coloured, Islamic art mirrors the richness of these people whose common denominator was the belief in one singular truth: the absolute necessity of creating works whose beauty equaled their respect for God.

About the Author

Gustave Le Bon was a French doctor and sociologist. After extensive travels in Africa and Asia, he published books on anthropology and archeology, laying the foundation for his masterpieces The First Civilisations of Orient and the Arabic Civilisation. For Art of Islam, Gustave Le Bon collaborated with Elliott Flemming license.

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Three Key Factors For Effective Ebook Viral Marketing

If you are an Internet Marketer, you probably heard about Viral Marketing. It is often considered as the word-of-mouth on the Internet though you are not literally using your mouth to spread word about it. The term Viral is also synonymous to “Spread” which is also linked to something called a good virus. As all of you know, viruses spread like crazy especially when your computer is already infected. The same principle is used for viral marketing – to spread word about a company, product and services like a virus.

One of the most effective types of viral marketing is the use of ebooks for marketing purposes. If you are reading books from libraries or bookstores, these e-books are the same but you can only read it on the computer or any kind of handheld device with readers.

These ebooks look so simple but they are one of the most effective ways to get more traffic to your site and probably, get more clients and customers in the future. So what are the things that you need to do to fully utilize the benefits of using E-books for viral marketing?

EBook Creation

You might be shocked on this revelation since ebooks can also be considered as actual books on the real world. However, they are easier to create unlike the books that need to be published. As a matter of fact, you do not need to be a professional writer or editor to create an ebook. The content can be simple information about important facts on your niche market or product. You must keep in mind that the topic must be directly related on your niche or product. You can also try to look for topics that can easily get the attention of the readers.

The Format of the Ebook

You can convert your work into an EXE file, PDF, HTML, DOC or TXT but the recommended format to use is PDF because it is usable to both Windows and Mac. You must always consider the format that can be used by a wider audience. Do not make a gamble in using other formats that may not be opened on other computers or gadgets. PDF files are also compatible to handheld devices so they are the perfect choice.

Circulate Your EBook

After creating your E-book, the next last step is to allow it to circulate on the Internet. You can make use of document sharing sites and social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and more. You can also use it to get names and emails from people without forcing them. However, make sure that you distribute your ebooks for free through the use of giveaway rights. Your goal is to gain as wider audience as possible for your business through this method.

You also need to allow the people to rebrand your ebooks so they will easily circulate on the web. After rebranding, they will give it away and it will be great for your online business. This is a particularly powerful tactic as by providing your readers with the ability to rebrand – for example by inserting a link to their web site or their affiliate link to one of your products or services – you are also providing them with an incentive to give your ebooks away and circulate widely which In turn helps to attract traffic and potential clients to your own web site.

When you start to create and distribute your own ebooks, or next time you produce one, bear these tactics in mind to help spread your products virally over the internet. Finally, be sure to insert details of your own web site, contacts details and other relevant information about your business in each of your so readers and potential customers to easily contact you.

What Are E-Books by Myreviewsnow

What are ebooks? They are an opportunity to avoid having to go to the store to get your favorite book. Simply choose the book you want from Amazon, or from your Iphone, and you have all your favorite books and authors at your fingertips. It is a great option for those who like to find books on a whim.

If you love books, you will love the ease and convenience of ebooks. What are ebooks capable of? They are capable of allowing you to get your favorite story for free, or read new books for a lower cost than you are used to. Download an ebook for as low as 99 cents and discover some great material from newer authors who are looking to become the next Stephen King.

The best part about an ebook is that you don’t actually have to download a whole novel. What are ebooks then? If you want to download a new recipe, or a scientific journal, you can download it to your ebook reader. It can be a great way to do your homework and other research on the go. Most shorter works are free as well.

If you are a new author, you might be wondering, what are ebooks and how can you use them? The Internet has revolutionized the way that authors do business and make money. Using ebooks can be a great way to get your work published without having to go through a publishing house. If you get noticed, you might get picked up without having to go through the traditional process.

What are ebooks to the book industry? It will change the way that books are bought and sold. There will always be a place for a store like Barnes and Noble, but more attention will have to be paid to the Internet and other electronic mediums that send books straight to consumers via a device. Progress is always occurring and this is just the next evolution of the industry.

A big question that should be asked is “what are ebooks in relation to books themselves?” How does the change to an electronic format affect how books are written? Instead of expecting a 300 page novel, it might be easier to simply write 60 pages because books are cheap and easy to find. A good read isn’t that hard to find, so it will be shorter in length to not only justify the low price, but also to keep the attention of a reader who has so many options.

The ebook is going to change how books are written and marketed. The Internet and electronic mediums have leveled the playing field for authors and others looking to gain entry into the market. With marketing being so much easier and faster, getting a text out to the masses is not something that takes a big media campaign and book tour.

All it will take is a knowledge of the market and what readers are looking for. Authors can become their own marketing strategist and agent. Big publishing houses will still have a role, but the little guy will be able to have his say and make some money as well. Ebooks are another venture that brings more power to the people and the voice of the masses.

For more information regarding what are ebooks, please visit Shop At Home. What are ebooks? They are an opportunity to avoid having to go to the store to get your favorite book. Simply choose the book you want from Amazon, or from your Iphone, and you have all your favorite books and authors at your fingertips.

Top 10 Sci fi Books of All Time

In my bucket list, I wanted to rank the 10 best science fiction books according to my liking. I know many will not agree with me, but I will do my best to explain why each one is unique and a winner in itself.

1. Kyirux: This is a gem that was shining inside a haystack. This is by far my favorite sci-fi book of all time, not only because of its story which revolves around a 500 million year old device which gives us the answers of human existence, but the story is a life dream of every single human being on finding out about themselves, and their origins. This book is a complete entertainer with lots of well educated guesses, and real life occurrences which has taken place in the space program of NASA. Especially in the 2nd part, it talks about the alien moon base.

2. 2001 Space Odyssey: Do I still need to introduce this book by Arthur C. Clark, and explain to you why this is a classic, and why this may be the holy grail of space adventure and mystery? I was like most who watch the movie first, and then read the book, and once I did, I discovered how much the movie actually left out even though the book was released after the movie. Yet, like Kyirux, it gives us the answers we seek on our real plain, answers to human evolution.

3. Dune: Many do not realize, but Avatar is somewhat a copy of Dune, where a strange by is stranded in a desert, the tribesmen of the desert take him in, he learns their culture, their way of life, and then fights for them to fulfill a prophesy. It wasn’t just the Story of Frank Herbert, but the world he created inside Dune that baffled me, which to this day I feel like he’s is truly one in a million.

4. Neuromancer: This anti-hero based novel revolutionized how a hero might look like in the future. If Corporation rule the free markets today, in the future they will run the world, and by doing so, they will limit the human potential to what they can or can not do. This semi-hacker Bill Gibson is the new Ghandi, who resists the control, but instead of attacking them directly, he attacks them physiologically.

5. Minority Report: Before it became a pop culture hit with the movie starring Tom Cruise, and directed by Steven Spielberg; Minority Report had its own unique fame in the world of sci-fi. Minority Report, written by Phil K. Dick is set in the year 2057 when a D.C. unit is able to catch people before they have committed a crime through physics, but when their own, their finest cop of all ‘Chief Anderton’ is found guilty of committing a murder in the future, the journey of this short novel begins.

6. War of the Worlds: Orson Wells’ gemstone WOTW, was one of the first science fiction novels dealing with alien and invasion from the outer space. The Tripods as they called them, were gigantic machines run by aliens to suck the blood of humans, and run them dry.

7. 2010 A Space Odyssey: continuation of 2001 a space odyssey, which deals with Jupiter becoming the second sun.

8. Brave New World: Based on the agenda of New World Order, and one world government.

9. iRoberts: Turned into a movie starring Will Smith, where Roberts suddenly become more intelligent, and start attacking humans.

10. I am legend: This is more of a horror than a sci-fi, but it deals with the DNA destroying virus which turns humans into zombies, and leaves Manhattan as a desert.


Neurolink, M.M. Buckner, 2004, ISBN 0441011888

Two hundred years from now, Earth has become a toxic wasteland. Everyone lives in domes. Global warming has pushed the temperate climates farther north, rendering the area around the equator uninhabitable. Corporations called coms have takien over, ruling billions of protes, or “protected persons” (actually, little better than slaves).

Dominic Jedes is about to become president of ZahlenBank, the only institution more powerful than the coms. He isn’t just the son of Richter Jedes, the bank’s founder, he is an exact genetic copy of his father. He directs the bank to give two thousand protes their freedom, trappin them in a rusting, malfunctioning submarine at the bottom of the ocean. They are supposed to die, but they don’t. They broadcast an untraceable and continuous message over the Net, encouraging others to join them. The free protes get thousands of takers.

Every minute that the message is broadcast, ZahlenBank’s financial condition is damaged. Dominic is forced to go to the sub, and somehow shut off that message. For someone who has spent his life in filtered air, and with the finest in designer medicines in his bloodstream, when Dominic enters the sub, he feels like he has descended into hell. It’s hot, stinking, packed with people, and the oxygen-generating system is on the verge of collapse. People are constantly putting up walls everywhere, so any attempt to reach the bridge quickly becomes impossible. Within minutes, Dominic feels like he has contracted some major disease. When he first reaches the sub, Dominic wants to reach the bridge, expose the sub’s location, have everyone arrested, and get back to cleanliness as soon as possible. The longer he remains on the sub, the more sympathy he has for these people, and the more he wants to help them, instead of turning them in.

This is a strong, well done piece of writing. It has good characters, good society building, and an interesting story. The reader will not go wrong with this novel.